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The Borough of State College prides itself in being a place where residents are encouraged to beautify the landscape. Through a recent survey, we have identified over 100 gardens planted by residents within the public right of way ranging from small mailbox plantings to large vegetable gardens. Although we would not like to discourage these gardens, the Borough is tasked with maintaining a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment in the public right of way.

According to Borough Ordinances, these plantings should not interfere with signage or sidewalks, obstruct site distance of driveways or roads, or cause harm to street trees. Additionally, residents are required to obtain written permission from the Borough’s Public Works office before placing anything in this area other than grass such as vegetation, crushed stone, bricks or any other paving material.

We are requesting that any resident that plans to add plants or other materials to the tree lawn please register his or her garden. Following review by the Public Works Office we will either issue a no-cost permit or inform you of any problems that require attention. In doing so, we will be better able to ensure public safety, disseminate information and reduce impacts of infrastructure improvements on plantings.

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