Temporary Retail Dealers (TRDs)

If you want to conduct a business from a stationary location on a temporary basis in State College Borough, you must first obtain a Temporary Retail Dealers (TRD) license. There is a per-day, per-week or monthly fee available for this license. Applications are available during normal business hours in the State College Municipal Building, 243 South Allen Street, State College, Pennsylvania, 16801. Please call (814) 278-4766 or email us with any questions you might have on TRD Licenses.

Foot or Vehicle Peddlers / Door-to-door Sales Persons

Any person engaged in selling wares on the street or door-to-door, with or without a pushcart, must obtain a license. Per-day, per-week and monthly licenses are available. Non-profit groups are exempt from fees but must still register at the State College Municipal Building. Applications may require seven to ten days to process.

Solicitors / Canvassers

Any individual or company wishing to solicit funds, information or opinions within the Borough must obtain a license. Applications for this license are available in the State College Municipal Building. Applications may require seven to ten working days to process. License fees are levied against each participating person and are available on a per-day, per-week or per-month basis.


Non-profit groups who are canvassing for donations to benefit a religious or charitable organization are exempt from paying fees, but must still obtain a license. Campaigning for political offices is exempt from licensing requirements.

Application For a Temporary Retail Dealers License

Temporary Retail Dealers License Application


License Time Period Cost
Solicitors/Canvassers Day $30.00
Week $60.00
Month $120.00
Door-to-Door/Foot/Vehicle Peddlers Day $30.00
Week $60.00
Month $120.00
Temporary Retail Business Day $75.00
Week $300.00
Month $600.00


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