Residential Refuse Collection

The following information is regarding refuse collection services provided by the Borough of State College Public Works Department.

New Accounts
To set up a new account for refuse collection, contact the State College Borough Finance Department at (814) 278-4766.

Fees for service are billed semi-annually in January and June. Residential rates include the cost of normal refuse collection, bulk item pick up, grass/leaves/brush collection and the collection of recyclable materials by the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority. Questions regarding bills should be directed to the Finance Division at (814) 278-4766.

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When is My Collection Day?
Residential refuse collection is provided on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. When you call to set up new service, the Finance Division can tell you what day your refuse is collected. During holiday weeks, please refer to our Holiday Schedule to determine your refuse collection day.

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On Collection Day
Refuse carts should be placed at or near the curb or edge of the street/alley in order to be easily accessible for collection (within 10 feet of the street/alley).

Refuse containers and recycling bins must be removed from the street on the day of collection. Residents failing to remove the containers and bins are subject to a fine.

For the protection of our collectors and the environment, all loose or fine refuse must be enclosed in a bag. (e.g. ashes, plastic wrap, dog hair, kitty litter, tissues, packing peanuts, etc.). Larger items should be placed in refuse carts, but need not be bagged first. (Examples include: pizza boxes, lumber scraps, etc.).

Recyclable Materials
Recyclable materials are collected by the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority on the same day as refuse collection and are collected at the street.

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At-Door Service (Exempt)
Persons with physical disabilities who are unable to place the refuse at the curb may request an exemption. If an exemption is granted, refuse will be collected from the house rather than the curb. There is no additional cost for persons with exemptions. The request for exemption must be made to the Public Works Department. Please call (814) 234-7140 or (814) 234-7135 to request an exemption submit the Request for Exemption form electronically.

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At-Door Service (For a Fee)
Residential customers may opt to have at-the-house or "at-door" service. Residents must provide a three-foot (3’) minimum wide level path (no steps) from the street or alley to the collection location. The path must be clear of overhanging brush and snow and ice. Refuse containers cannot be within a structure.

At-the-house service is limited to three 30-gallon refuse containers per week; however, additional quantities (over 90 gallons) will be collected at the street or alley at no additional cost. Refuse containers, when full, cannot be in excess of 40 lbs. Please call (814) 234-7140 or (814) 234-7135 to request at-door service.

Large Items and Brush
Brush and bulk items (appliances, furniture, etc.) are collected each Monday, except on weeks when there is a holiday. Please call (814) 234-7135 or submit the online form to schedule brush and bulk collection.

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