Brush Collection and Organics Recycling

What is Brush?

Brush is defined as chippable material. Vines, bamboo, ornamental grass, hedge clippings and similar materials cannot be chipped and should be cut into smaller pieces and placed in your organics cart for collection. Leaves are collected separately from brush.

Preparing Brush & Yard Waste for Collection

  • Small branches, hedge clippings and loose garden organics should be placed in your organics cart for regular weekly collection. Branches and limbs too large for your cart should be placed near the curb for brush collection.
  • Brush and Yard Waste will generally not be collected from alleys. Exceptions are made for properties with no street frontage.
  • Brush chipping for 20 minutes is done at no additional charge over your regular refuse fees. Larger quantities may be charged an additional fee.

Scheduling Brush Collection

  • Schedule a collection via the online form or call the Public Works Department at (814) 234-7135 by 5 p.m. on Sunday for the next regular collection.
  • Brush and Bulk Collection begins on Monday of each week unless there is a holiday during the week. Collection continues throughout the week until all requests are filled.

What about Leaves?

Click here for more information on Leaf Collection...

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