Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup
  • If you experience a backup, you will need to locate your sanitary sewer clean out between the curb and sidewalk. If you need assistance locating the clean out, you can call the Public Works Department at (814) 234-7140.
  • Once you have located the clean out, remove the cap, take a flashlight and shine down the pipe to see if there is standing water in the line.
  • If there is no standing water in the line, this means the problem is from the clean out to the house and you must call a plumber.
  • If there is water standing in the clean out line, this means the problem is in the borough’s portion of lateral, and you will need to contact the State College Public Works Department at either (814) 234-7135 or (814) 234-7140. After normal working hours, please call (800) 479-0050 and ask to speak to the State College Borough’s Public Works Supervisor.

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