Bicycle Friendly Business

Bicycle Friendly Business Feedback Report - The Borough will be re-applying for its Bicycle Friendly Business certification in the Spring of 2020. 


From the League of American Bicyclist

Is easily accessible by bike Offers incentives to bicycle commuters
Offers classes on bicycle safety and maintenance 

Is a champion for bicycling in their community

Provides access to shared bicycles 
Shares bicycling information and resources with employees and guests 

Is a champion for bicycling in their community

Fosters a positive internal bike culture
Tracks data related to bicycling 

Offers convenient, secure bike parking

Celebrates Bike to Work Day and Bike Month 
Has dedicated staff focused on bicycle-friendly improvements 
Provides end-of-trip facilities for bicyclists
Supports local, state, and national bike advocacy 
Sets measurable goals to increase bicycling rates 

Employee Bike Fleet Program Bike Fleet

The State College Borough is a sustainable community. In efforts to increase employee wellness, reduce traffic, and limit vehicle emissions, the Borough implemented an employee Bike Fleet program in 2015. As of today, four bikes are available for employees to use during the work day to travel: to meetings or inspections, back and forth between the administration and the service buildings, between parking garages, to and from campus, on errands, or for exercise during lunch.

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