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Zoning 101: The Basics of Land Use Regulation for Your Community

Fences & Walls


  • Fences and walls may not exceed 6.5 feet in height except when built around tennis courts (where they may go up to 10 feet in height).
  • Walls or fences located along a street line must be set back 18 inches from the front property line if the wall or fence is over 30 inches in height. On corner lots, special line-of-sight regulations apply.
  • Zoning and building permits need not be obtained to erect fences or walls; however, if questions remain, contact the Planning Department at (814)-234-7109 or send an email before you begin the installation. 


What are the Occupancy Limits in the Borough?

Zoning regulations restrict the occupancy of a house in a one-family dwelling or in a one-family dwelling with a single apartment to a family plus two tenants who are not related to the family.

In lieu of a family, occupancy may not exceed three unrelated persons.

Two-family dwellings or duplexes may be occupied by a family plus two tenants not related to the family or three unrelated 

More information:Centre Region Code Administration

Building or Adding a Structure

How do I get a Permit to Build or Add to a Structure in the Borough?

  • Fill out an Application for Building Permit. This form can be obtained from the Planning Department located on the second floor of the State College Municipal Building or print out the online form.
  • The property owner will need to visit the Borough Engineer’s office in Room 221 of the State College Municipal Building to obtain a sewer permit and pay the required sewer-tapping fee.
  • The sewer permit, receipt for the sewer-tapping fee and the Application for Building Permit is then submitted to the Borough Planning Department for zoning approval. The application requires a plot plan showing property lines, the location of any driveways or curb cuts and building setbacks.
  • A drinking water permit, if required, should be obtained from the State College Borough Water Authority.
  • Bring the water, sewer and zoning permits, along with two copies of construction plans, to the Centre Region Code Administration office. Upon review of the plans and payment of the required building permit fee, a construction permit will be issued.


Important Contacts

State College Borough Water Authority
1201 West Branch Road
State College, PA 16801
(814) 238-6766

State College Borough Engineer’s Office 
243 South Allen Street, Room 221
State College, PA 16801
(814) 234-7140
Contact Us
Centre Region Code Administration
2643 Gateway Drive
State College, PA 16801
(814) 231-3056

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