About the Mayor
As described in the Borough’s Codification of Ordinances, Chapter I, Part D:

  • The Mayor is also elected at large for a 4-year term. 
  • The Mayor is the presiding officer of Council
  • The Mayor is the ceremonial head and official representative of the Municipality
  • The Mayor does not have the right to vote upon any matter before Council, but the Mayor shall approve or veto any ordinance of Council
  • The Mayor’s position is part-time with a small salary.

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Contact the Mayor

Ronald L. Filippelli is the current Mayor of State College Borough. Visit our Staff Directory to contact the Mayor about proclamations, wedding ceremonies, community concerns and other issues. Please note:  Questions regarding administration of the day-to-day operations of the Borough should be addressed to the Borough Manager.

Staff Directory


From December 1896, to February 1958, State College elected Burgesses every four years. When the title of Mayor became official, Dr. Roy Anthony, a professor of pomology in the Penn State College of Agriculture, became the first Mayor in 1961.

Previous Mayors of State College

  • Chauncey P. Lang
  • Acting Mayor Lawrence Perez
  • Jo Hays
  • Arnold Addison
  • William L. Welch, Jr. 
  • Felicia Lewis
  • Elizabeth Goreham
  • Donald M. Hahn


Please contact Denise Trostle at the State College Borough Administration Department to make a request for the Mayor to present a proclamation about an upcoming event or community issue. Please call (814) 234-7110 or email us for more information. Previous proclamations are available to view online

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