The Department of Public Works provides planning, design, supervision, engineering, construction management, mapping, and land surveying services.  The safety of residents and employees is the primary focus of permitting and inspections. 

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Are You Doing Any Sanitary Sewer Work?

  • Any work done on a sanitary sewer lateral outside of the building requires a Sanitary Sewer Permit ($125) and a scheduled inspection by Borough Engineering staff.
  • If work extends into the grass plot, street, or alley, then a Street Excavation Permit ($150) is also required.
  • In addition, a bond (or surety) and proof of insurance for street restoration may be needed.

Are You Doing Work that Requires a Street Excavation Permit?

  • Any underground utility work in the street, grass plot, or alley.
  • Plantings other than grass in the grass plot; approval from the Borough Arborist and a Tree Permit (no fee) is required.
  • Driveway entrance work; Engineer approval is required.
  • Click here for the Application for Street Excavation.

What is a Street Occupancy Permit?

The fee for an Occupancy Permit is $60.  This permit is required any time the street or grass plot is occupied in order to unload equipment or materials or to store equipment or materials for a short period of time.  Please use the Application for Street Excavation (link provided above) to apply for this permit.

Contact the Public Works Department with any questions at 814-234-7140 or by e-mail.

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