Stormwater Management

What is Stormwater Management?

Let's break it down

is the natural source of fresh water that originates during precipitation events. When it lands on the ground, it infiltrates and recharges the aquifers that we get our drinking water from and rehydrates the plants and animals that make up our food.

Stormwater management
takes place when the storm water does not infiltrate into the ground. The storm water then becomes surface runoff and needs to be managed in terms of quantity to prevent flooding, and quality to prevent pollution. In fact, Pennsylvania even has goals they set every year with regards to preventing water pollution.

State College Borough is an urban area with significant areas of impervious surface. Because humans have developed the land so that some of the surfaces areis no longer permeable by stormwater, it is essential for communities to implement an efficient storm water management system.
Surface Runoff

Not Quite Quenched?

All members of the State College community can help with these stormwater improvement efforts. Check out these links for more on stormwater.

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