Crime and Crash Reports

Obtain a Crash Report

As part of our participation in the CARFAX Police Crash Assistance program, all crash reports for the State College Police Department are now available 24/7 for purchase online. You’ll save a trip to the station, postage or a phone call when you buy from our new online accident report distribution site. As an alternative, the same reports can be purchased, in person at our station during normal business hours. Please allow up to 3 to 5 business days for reports to be available. 

Access crash reports by visiting Simply select the state, "Pennsylvania," and agency, "State College Police Department," from the drop-down lists provided. You will need: An involved party's last name, date of accident, and report number to search for your report. An example of a proper report number would be 19SC00001. The first two digits will represent the year, "SC" represents State College, followed by the case number for that year.

Check on crime in the Borough of State College and the Townships of College and Harris. The State College Police Department auto-publishes crime information from our records management system onto a map. At the click of a mouse, citizens can review reported crime by type of crime and the location by street and block number. 

NOTE: Reports may take up to 7 calendar days to appear on the map.

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