Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Education

The Borough of State College recognizes the benefit of educating its employees and residents on sustainable practices. The Borough holds numerous educational events and sponsors events with local organizations such as the Clearwater Conservancy and the Centre Region Bicycle Coalition.

The Borough also supports an AmeriCorps member to improve outreach in the community regarding environmental education, community sustainability and civic engagement.

Green Building

With the passage of Resolution 944, The Borough of State College committed to incorporating "sustainable construction and demolition practices into Borough ordinances, including the requirement of LEED certifications" of municipal buildings by 2010. The Planning Commission is currently looking into the passage of a green building zoning ordinance which would provide incentives for LEED or equivalent green building certifications and plans to achieve LEED certification in the municipal buildings is underway.

Read more about our recent green building developments on the Planning Commission's Green Planning webpage.

Energy Conservation

It is the goal of State College Borough to reduce electricity usage community wide by 10% from 2000 levels and to encourage residents to obtain 20% of their electricity from "green" power sources by 2012 and 2015 respectively.

Residents of the Borough are encouraged to take advantage of West Penn Power's WATT Watchers Program to decrease energy usage through energy efficient appliance rebates and free compact fluorescent bulbs.

Alternative Transportation

Nearly half of all Borough residents either take public transportation, walk, or bike to work. The Borough is well served by public transit and ranked in the 92th percentile in terms of pedestrian friendliness in the National Citizen's Survey thanks to the hard work performed by the Borough and other regional transportation agencies. The Borough worked with the Centre Region Bicycle Association & Centre Region Planning Agency to obtain Bicycle Friendly Community status from the League of American Bicyclists and has developed a bicycle ambassador program to educate motorists and cyclists.

For a map of bicycle friendly routes click here.

Urban Forestry

The Borough of State College has been recognized as a Tree City for over 30 years. The Borough has appointed a Tree Commission to support and promote the vitality, integrity and extent of State College's Urban Forest. Under the direction of the Borough Arborist, public works personnel plant new trees, remove hazardous trees, educate the public and maintain a healthy urban forest through inventory analysis.

Visit the Tree Commission's page to learn more about State College's urban forest infrastructure.

Waste Reduction

The Borough of State College, the Centre Region Council of Governments and the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority strive to reduce the amount of waste created and decrease the amount disposed in landfills. This year the Borough implemented a community wide residential food waste composting program, where food waste is collected from residences and to be composted with yard waste at the Borough's compost site.

Visit the Refuse & Recycling Page to learn more about waste reduction practices in the Borough.

Stormwater Management

The Borough of State College protects regional waterways through the mitigation of stormwater runoff. In the past, the Borough has funded projects such as the Walnut Springs Wetland, a constructed wetland that filters water entering Slab Cabin Run, the construction of on-street rain gardens, and the Municipal Green Roof Project.

To learn more about these projects and what you can do to improve water quality in your neighborhood check out our Storm Sewers webpage.

Green Power

The Borough of State College is now buying all of its electricity from 100% wind generated power. The Borough purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) representing the generation of 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy. By matching it's electricity usage with these RECs, the Borough, will help avoid 3,448 tons of CO2 emissions. This is the annual equivalent of the amount of CO2 absorbed by 735 acres of forest or the amount produced annually by 676 cars.

Find out more about the Borough purchase of green power at EPA's Green Power Partnership webpage.

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