Rental Housing Opportunities

Kemmerer Road Apartments

Located in State College Borough near Easterly Parkway Elementary, this nine-unit apartment complex offers one one-bedroom and four three-bedroom apartments at affordable rates through Housing Transitions, Inc (HTI). Income limits for eligibility apply. For more information, including availability, visit the Apartment Store's website or call (814) 234-6860.  Information on income qualification can be found on HTI's website or by calling (814) 237-4863.

 Maximum Annual Household Income (Kemmerer)
 1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons 6 Persons
 $46,150 $52,750 $59,350 $65,900 $71,200 $76,450

Bellaire Court Apartments

Located in the State College Borough, this rental community contains 18 one-bedroom apartments. One of the apartments has been made accessible to individuals who use a wheelchair. Residents must be age 60 or older and able to live independently.

Income eligible residents, former residents, and relatives of a resident of Centre and adjacent counties are eligible for an apartment at Bellaire Court. Residents of State College Borough and parents of Borough residents receive priority on the waiting list for apartments.

Tenants pay 30 percent of their monthly income as rent. There currently is a waiting list for apartments, but a Bellaire Court Application may be filed at any time. 

 Maximum Annual Household Income (Bellaire Court)
 1 Person - $34,620  2 Persons - $39,600

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