Tree Commission

What is the Tree Commission?

The Tree Commission advises the Director of Public Works and the Arborist on the planting, maintenance and removal of trees. Members are also responsible for preparing and maintaining a Master Plan for street trees and may solicit and accept contributions.

The Commission conducts public hearings when new trees are planted on, or removed from, public property. Members also hear appeals from property owners who feel they have been aggrieved by staff's decision to remove or treat trees on private property.

For questions about this commission, call (814) 234-7145.

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The Tree Commission meets approximately six times per year. Public hearings are conducted in the evenings. See the events calendar for more information on upcoming meetings.


The Tree Commission consists of five members, at least two of which are professionals in forestry, horticulture, plant pathology, entomology, landscape architecture or related fields. Members are appointed by Council to serve three-year terms.

  • Bill Elmendorf 
  • Bruce Rohrbach
  • Elaine Schuckers
  • Justin Wheeler
  • Lynn Herman
  1. Mission
  2. Goals & Objectives
  3. Publications


The Tree Commission's mission is to support and promote the vitality, integrity, and extent of State College's Urban Forest. Acknowledging their major contribution to the livability of our city, the Tree Commission intends to augment the number and variety of our trees, protect their health, and promote public understanding of the major role trees play in our community. The Commission espouses a vigorous street tree program and urges community citizens to participate in protection and enhancement of the private urban forest, as well as the public one. State College urban forest encompasses not only trees and plants in parks and along streets, but on private property as well. The benefits from the urban forest are maximized if both the public and private forest are well maintained.

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