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State College Borough ABC's

Approximately 150 volunteers serve the Borough on over 20 Authorities, Boards and Commissions (ABCs). These groups were created by Borough Council to assist the municipality in a variety of ways. Some groups are advisory, some are quasi-judicial, and some have operating status.

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If you would like to receive an informative brochure about or volunteer for membership on one of these boards, you may do so by calling (814) 234-7115 during normal business hours.

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Centre Region ABC's

In the Centre Region, The Borough also has representatives on the following authorities, boards, commissions and organizations:

Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA)

CATA's Board of Directors consists of five members, one of whom is appointed to a 5-year term by the State College Borough Council.

 CATA members oversee the operation of the Town Loop and Link bus services, Park-&-Ride shuttle service, and Centre Line, a fixed-route bus service for residents of the Borough, Centre Region and adjacent townships.

 The Authority is also responsible for determining transit policy, serve as liaison to the participating municipal governing bodies, prepare operating budgets, and approve routes, scheduling and fare changes.

CATA's administrative offices are located at 2081 West Whitehall Road, State College, PA 16801. To contact their administrative offices directly, call (814) 238-0625.

 The CATA Board of Directors normally meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 4 p.m.

Centre County Airport Authority

The Centre County Airport Authority was reestablished in 1978 as a successor to the State College Borough's Authority. Authority members study and make recommendations on air transportation--principally at the University Park Airport. Although the Authority monitors related services provided by outside service providers, it is solely responsible for operating the University Park airport terminal.

The Authority's nine members include three representatives appointed by the Borough of State College to serve 5-year terms. This Authority usually meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Inquiries may be made by calling (814) 355-5264.

Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority (CCRRA)

The Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority provides solid waste disposal capacity and recycling services for residents and businesses in Centre County. A transfer station and recycling facility is located on Route 26, near the Nittany Mall, and employs approximately 42 employees. 

Seven volunteer board members are appointed by the County Commissioners to serve five-year terms, each representing a geographical area of the County. Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Transfer Station meeting room. For more information, visit the website at

Centre Region Parks & Recreation Board / Centre Regional Recreation Authority

The Parks & Recreation Board / Authority consists of six members, each representing a participating municipality in the Centre Region plus a representative of the State College School District.

The Board / Authority meets at 12:15 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month and is responsible for the operation of 47 park sites, 2 outdoor pool facilities, a nature center and a senior center.

The Parks & Recreation office is located in the Centre Region Council of Governments building at 2643 Gateway Drive #1, State College, PA 16801. For questions about the Centre Region Parks & Recreation / Centre Regional Recreation Authority, please call (814) 231-3071 or go to their website at

Centre Network (C-NET)

C-NET was established as a non-profit corporation by the Centre Region municipalities to maintain and operate a government/education cable service on a not-for-profit basis. C-NET, Channel 7 on your cable television system, is designed to air programs which are educational or government-related. C-NET oversees all acts incidental to the operation and development of this service. 

As a participant of C-NET, the State College Borough Council appoints one representative member and one alternate member to the C-NET Board of Directors. These representatives are residents of the Borough and serve 3-year terms. 

C-NET's Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Their administrative offices are located at 243 South Allen Street, Suite 307, State College, Pennsylvania, 16801. To contact staff directly, call (814) 238-5031.

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Centre Regional Planning Commission

The CRPC was established in 1960 to assist the Centre Region municipalities with their planning activities and to serve as a coordinator among the six participating governments. The Commission is responsible for overseeing the regional planning staff and for supervising their annual work program. The Commissioners consider planning issues and problems which extend into two or more municipalities and make recommendations for action to the Centre Region Council of Governments (COG). 

The CRPC meets once each month, usually on the first Thursday at 7:30 p.m. Administrative offices are located at 2643 Gateway Drive, State College, Pennsylvania, 16801. To contact staff directly, call (814) 231-3050. 

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Schlow Memorial Library Board of Trustees

The Schlow Memorial Library Board was established in accordance with the Pennsylvania Library Code and is responsible for making policy for the Library and for overseeing Library operations. The goal of the Board is to provide the residents of the Centre Region with the widest possible variety of library materials and to offer programs and services that are best suited to the needs and interests of its residents. The Library is located at the corner of Allen Street and Beaver Avenue (201 South Allen Street, State College, Pennsylvania, 16801). To contact the Library directly, you may dial (814) 237-6236. 

Two members of the Library Board are residents of the Borough of State College, appointed by the State College Borough Council. The Library Board meets once a month on the 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. 

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University Area Joint Authority (UAJA)

The University Area Joint Authority is an operating authority, formed through an inter-governmental agreement to oversee the treatment and disposal of municipal sewage from various regional government jurisdictions. The UAJA plant is the largest municipal treatment facility for the disposal of wastewater in the Centre Region.

 UAJA's administrative offices and Treatment Plant are located at 1576 Spring Valley Road, State College, PA 16801. To contact their offices directly, call (814) 238-5361.

 Two members of the Authority are residents of the Borough, appointed by the Council. Members serve 5-year terms. The Authority meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m.

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