Bulk Refuse or Brush Collection

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State College Borough residents can have bulk and brush items collected from their properties by submitting a request for collection by phone at (814) 234-7135 or by this online form.

Bulk items and brush are collected throughout the week beginning on Monday, unless there is a legal holiday during that week, in which case no bulk items or brush is collected. This form should be received no later than 5 p.m. on Sunday.

There may be a charge assessed if you have excessive amounts of household trash or brush, or if you have construction/building materials to be collected. For more information on bulk item collection, or to determine if there will be a charge, please call (814) 234-7135.

Bulk Refuse & Brush Collection Form

A fee will be charged for the collection of rocks/sidewalks, building/construction material and more than 20 minutes of brush chipping. Call 234-7135 for a cost estimate.

By clicking the SUBMIT button, your request will be forwarded to the Public Works Department.
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