How do I host an outdoor event in State College?
To host an event on public property (parks, streets, municipal grounds) the event organizer must fill out an application for use of public property (special activities) form and submit a certificate of insurance six to eight weeks in advance of the event to receive approval from municipal staff and Borough Council. If food will be served, an additional form, Registration of a Food Event for Charitable Organization, must be completed and signed at the time of submission. If a public park is to be used, the event organizer must receive prior approval from the Centre Region Parks and Recreation. If roads are to be closed, affected business owners must be contacted and asked to approve the closure in writing prior to submission of the form. If State Roads are to be closed (University Drive, College Avenue, Beaver Avenue, etc.), a TE-300 Form must be submitted to PennDOT and the application process should begin 10 to 12 weeks prior to the event. Staff will be happy to clarify these regulations and assist you in organizing your event. Please call 814-234-7110 for more information.

Application for Use of Public Property Form

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