What happens after I eFile?
When you have completed this process, information gathered during the interactive on-line interview will be compared to tax office records. If your filing agrees with information readily available to the tax office, an update will be made to your account signifying that you have met your local filing requirements. It should be noted that your local tax office does not have the same access to your tax information as made available to the state and federal governments. The tax office reserves the right to request additional information, including documentation related to your income, net profits, business expenses, or other items to verify residency issues.

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4. What is my PIN?
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6. Is there a fee to file electronically?
7. How do I eFile?
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9. What happens after I eFile?
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11. What if I am asked by the tax office to provide additional information and fail to do so?
12. Who should I contact with any further questions?