Short form or long form?
Taxpayers will find an option to select a short or long tax return form. For a significant number of taxpayers, the short form allows taxpayers with simple tax circumstances to reduce the amount of data entry needed to file. Please review the information provided to help you determine whether you should file the short or long form tax return.

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1. How do I get earned income tax forms?
2. Who can file?
3. What will I need to eFile?
4. What is my PIN?
5. If I use eFiling, what has been done to protect my confidential information?
6. Is there a fee to file electronically?
7. How do I eFile?
8. Short form or long form?
9. What happens after I eFile?
10. What benefit is there to filing electronically?
11. What if I am asked by the tax office to provide additional information and fail to do so?
12. Who should I contact with any further questions?