What is my PIN?
Taxpayers that appeared on the tax rolls for the various municipalities and school districts that comprise the Centre County Tax Collection District for the 2012 tax year were automatically mailed a tax return with a preprinted PIN. This PIN is unique to a taxpayer and cannot be shared with the taxpayer's spouse. If you are unable to locate your tax return or if you did not receive a return, you can contact the tax office at (814) 278-4709 to request a PIN. You will be asked to provide your Social Security Number. Your PIN will be mailed within 2 working days to the address that is on file with the tax office. Should you need to update your address, please call the tax office for instructions. If the spouse of a taxpayer has no income and did not receive a tax return with a PIN, do not enter his/her information as a joint return since you must have both PINS available to electroncally submit a tax return.

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