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College Heights Association

The College Heights Association was incorporated under the Non-profit Corporation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1975 to protect and advance the interests of the College Heights neighborhood and its residents.

All persons residing in the College Heights neighborhood are eligible for membership.

The Association holds an annual meeting for the purpose of reviewing actions of the Association over the past year and proposing action for the Association for the coming year.

Additional meetings may be held at other times for discussion of current issues.

Important Information

Neighborhood Preservation

For important information regarding the Borough strategic plan’s #1 goal, neighborhood preservation, please click here.

College Heights Annual Meeting

The last annual meeting was held on:
October 18, 2017
Coffee - 7 p.m
Meeting - 7:30 p.m.
Church of Christ – 405 Hillcrest Avenue

For all the latest news and announcements, please see our News & Announcements Page.

Student Housing Ordinance Proposal

Proposed changes to the Borough's Student Home Ordinance will be the topic of a public hearing before Borough Council this fall, likely to be either October 17 or November 7, according to Borough Planner Carl Hess. Since these changes could significantly affect College Heights, residents may wish to attend the hearing. We will publicize the date once it is confirmed.

Background: At its September 7 meeting the Planning Commission agreed to send its recommendation of proposed changes to Borough Council. Planning Commission Chairman Evan Myers will present the recommendations to Council September 19, at which time Council will decide how to proceed. Since the proposal represents a change to the zoning ordinance, a public hearing will be required. State planning code procedures dictate that the earliest it can occur is the third Monday in October. However, Council generally conducts public hearings at its first meeting each month, which would bring us to November 7.

neighborhood Notice of Zoning Appeal

The owners of 303 West Park Avenue are appealing, in court, the Borough Zoning Hearing Board's earlier decision that the property does not qualify for student Home status. Specifically the ZHB found that the property is too close to registered Student Homes as prescribed by the ordinance, and is not eligible for non-conforming status because, according to neighbors' testimony, its use as a student rental lapsed for period(s) exceeding one year.

With the concurrence of a majority of CHA board members, the College Heights Association, in conjunction with an abutting neighbor, is looking into the specifics of the case and the implications for Association involvement.

College Heights Football Parking

Parking permissions for College Heights residents for home football weekends is required and can either be called in directly to Charley DeBow at (814) 278-4700 or via email at Email is the preferred option but please feel free to call. Please have all requests in by the Thursday before a home football game.

Please email/call with the following information:
  1. Make/Model of the vehicle
  2. Color
  3. License Plate Number and State
  4. Address of where the car will be parked

Complete details can be found here.

Annual Membership

Annual membership dues of $10 are payable to the College Heights Association for a term of membership from the beginning of September to the end of August of each year. Dues may be mailed to:

College Heights Association
c/o Kevin McGarry
P.O. Box 882
State College, PA 16804

Report Violations of Borough Ordinances

State College Borough now has an online form for Borough residents' use in reporting violations of Borough ordinances (e.g. snow removal, weeds, parking, trash removal, noise, unauthorized residents, etc.). The form goes directly to the Ordinance Enforcement and Public Health staff, where it will be addressed. The link for this form is here, and the form also is available under both the Ordinance Enforcement and Public Health drop-down menus in the Department of Ordinance Enforcement and Public Health section of the State College Borough web site.

While none of us is eager to take on this role, as Carl Hess, Borough planner, has stressed, often the only way staff members learn of violations is through neighbors' reporting.

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