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Updated Rates for 2020

Recycling costs are increasing on a per household basis from what Centre County Refuse and Recycling Authority (CCRRA) charges the Borough:

  • Increased operating costs due to a dramatic drop in sales revenue in the recycling market which normally contributes to the operating costs.
  • This is the second year this impact has been felt in the CCRRA recycling rate which the Borough has passed through to users
  • The Borough has been using fund reserves for the past few years to balance the cost of provided services. 
  • Services included in this fee are: refuse collection, transportation, processing, and disposal, organics collection, and processing,

*Please note that due to increases in the organics and compost operations has also impacted the costs for refuse services, recycling collection & processing, bulk item collection and disposal, and brush collection and processing.

The overall increase for the average residential customer is: approximately $4.65 per month with approximately $3.75 for the Borough and $0.90 being due to the CCRRA recycling rate increase.

This is the first increase for the Borough’s direct costs since the rate structure was reviewed by a consultant in 2016.

The increase varies dependent upon the service location as well as the type of dwelling (single-family / single family with an apartment / multiple dwellings/apartments / extra refuse containers /  low volume usage).

Commercial users also experienced similar on the disposal portion of their invoice with a more modest increase in the collection portion.

Rates for collecting refuse vary, depending upon the type of service you receive. Contact the Public Works Department for current rates at (814) 234-7135.

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Please note: Credit card payments have an additional 3% fee with a $1.00 minimum. Electronic check payments have an additional flat $3.00 fee.

Billing Questions

To check on billing discrepancies, please call the Borough’s Finance Department at (814) 278-4766.

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