Upcoming Issues

Upcoming Issues in January & February

Note: Items are subject to change

Public Hearings
  • SCASD's Request for a Zoning Amendment (Feb. 6)
  • Property Maintenance Code (Feb. 6)
Consent Items
  • Intermunicipal Agreement & Ordinance for RMS (Jan. 9)
  • Adoption of ABC Work Plans (Jan. 9)
Special Report
  • State Theatre's Annual Report (Jan. 9)
General Policy & Administration
  • Receive Property Maintenance Code Revised Ordinance (Jan. 9)
Planning and Zoning
  • Zoning Update Consultant Selection (Jan. 9)
  • Discussion on Intermittent Rentals (Jan. 9)
Staff Reports
  • Inclusionary Housing Enactment (Jan. 9)


If you have any questions about items listed above, please call (814) 234-7110

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