Upcoming Issues

Upcoming Issues in August

Note: Items are subject to change

Consent Items
  • July Minutes, Voucher & Payroll Reports (Aug. 15)
Special Report
  • Woskob Gallery from Andy Schultz and Anne Tarantino    (Aug. 15)
General Policy & Administration
  • 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Plan Adoption (Aug. 15)
  • Chief of Police Swearing In (Aug. 15)
  • Consider the Adoption of an Ordinance Consolidation the Design Review Board and the Historic Resources Commission (Aug. 15)
  • Appointment of the Police Management System Project Manager (Aug. 15)
  • Budget Policy (Goalsetting, Policy Review and Two-Year Budget) (Aug. 15)
Regional Issues
  • COG Comprehensive Plan (Aug. 15)
  • COG Capital Improvement Plan (Aug. 15)
President's Report
  • Procedures, Protocol and Decorum (Aug. 15)
Staff Reports
  • Division of Health & Neighborhood Services Mid-Year Report (Aug. 15)

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