About Planning & Zoning

The responsibilities of the Planning Department include assistance to the residents and property owners of State College, several Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees, Borough Council, other departments of the Borough, and coordination with the Centre Regional Planning Agency and Centre Regional Planning Commission.

Planning Department Authorities Boards, Commission and Committees include:

  • State College Planning Commission
  • CDBG Citizens’ Advisory Committee
  • State College Design and Historic Review Board
  • State College Zoning Hearing Board

Department personnel provides staff assistance to the Planning Commission, the Design and Historic Review Board, and the CDBG Citizens Advisory Committee.

This assistance takes a number of forms including preparing and distributing agendas and minutes, coordinating meetings, researching and preparing special reports and studies, drafting ordinances, and advising the Design and Historic Review Board and Planning Commission, on land development plan proposals. Planning staff provides administrative support to the Zoning Hearing Board as well as representing the Borough’s interests before the Board.

The Zoning Officer and Planning Director serves on the Housing Task Force. The Planning Director also provides staff support to the Transportation Commission as needed.


 Planning & Zoning Services

  • Building or Adding to a Structure
  • Fences and Walls
  • Occupancy
  • Permitting
  • Updating Zoning Ordinances and Maps
  • Providing Municipal Boundary Information
  • Providing Census and Demographic Information
  • Developing Planning Documents: Neighborhood Plans, Downtown Master Plans, etc.

 Neighborhood Services

  • Dog control and dog bite follow-up
  • Monitoring for proper refuse disposal/storage and litter control
  • Monitoring for proper handling of recyclables
  • Environmental nuisance investigations
  • Grass and weed control inspections
  • Inspection of public sidewalks for removal of snow/ice
  • Rental housing inspections for health nuisances and hazards
  • Monitoring of nuisance properties

Public Health Services

  • Restaurant and food establishment inspections
  • Providing public health information and referrals
  • Providing information on healthy lifestyles and wellness
  • Participating in maintaining media content on area health care, human services agencies and health statistics
  • Providing updates and bulletins regarding health and food safety fields
  • Teaching educational food safety classes

Community Development & Housing Services

  • Fair Housing Protection
  • First-Time Homebuyer Program
  • Housing Assistance Programs
  • Rehabilitation Assistance Program
  • Rental Housing Opportunities

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