Special Events

Special Activities Form

Application for Use of Public Property


  • Contact Centre Region Parks and Recreation at (814) 231-3071 if the event will include the use of a municipal/regional park.
  • If food will be served on public property, contact the Division of Health and Neighborhood Services by phone at (814) 234-7197 or email the Division.
  • Notify the State College Police Department of your intent to host a special event.
  • Complete the Borough's Special Activity/Use of Public Property Application
  • Submit a Certificate of Insurance and any other necessary documents with the application
  • If denied a permit at any point in the process and you wish to appeal the decision, notify the Borough Manager in writing of your request to do so.


Timeline Step
45 days prior to event Preliminary event planning with the Centre Region Parks and Recreation Department,
if necessary.
10-12 weeks prior to event. If food will be served, notify the Division of Health and Neighborhood Services at  the Borough of State College.
10-12 weeks prior to hosting the event Submit the TE 300 form to PennDOT if using state roads (e.g. College Ave., Beaver Ave., Whitehall Rd., University Dr., Park Ave.).
10-12 weeks prior to hosting the event Notify State College Police  Department of the intent to host an event 
and provide a general description of the event.
10-12 weeks prior to the event Complete Borough of State College Special Activities Application with all components (e.g. Certificate of Insurances, Signed Food Event Registration from DHNS, completed checklists, map of event, signatures of affected parties) and submit to the Borough of State College Administration Department.

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