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Phone: (814) 234-7110

Fax: (814) 231-3082

Borough Council is the policy body of the Borough of State College.

The Mayor is the official representative and ceremonial head of Borough government. He presides at regular meetings of Borough Council and has a veto power over ordinances adopted by Council.

If you would like to contact more than three members of Council, please call (814) 234-7110 or contact us via email. Messages sent to the general email address will be forwarded to the Mayor and all members of Council.

How to Engage...

At a Meeting
Attending a meeting is a great way to become more knowledgeable about local government. It is also a way to have your voice heard on important local topics.

Speak During the Public Hour
Borough Council greatly appreciates public comments from residents, business owners, and other interested parties. At each Council meeting, the public can come forward to comment during the Public Hour on issues not addressed in the agenda. In August of 2016, Council approved additional procedures and protocols regarding the Public Hour.

View Procedures and Protocol

 Speak on a Topic
In addition to the Public Hour, Borough Council holds public hearings on specific issues as needed. Residents can also make comment on any agenda item at the point during the meeting when the item is up for discussion.

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