State College Town Centre Redevelopment Project

In early 2015, Borough Council received multiple requests for the reuse of the former Verizon Building, located at 224 South Allen Street. Council, along with the Planning Commission and Redevelopment Authority, are currently considering redevelopment opportunities for this site and several others in the 200 block of South Allen Street. The Borough has been approached by many interested organizations whose needs are being considered. Additionally, the Borough will be soliciting the input of the public and community stakeholders to help shape the goals for a potential redevelopment project.

Stakeholder Input

Borough Council and several Borough ABC's discussed this project during regularly scheduled meetings throughout the summer and fall of 2015. Several open houses and stakeholder engagement events were held to give interested residents a chance to ask questions and provide input on goals and opportunities for the project.

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The State College Downtown Master Plan envisions many goals for the heart of downtown. The Borough asked residents to share their thoughts on which of these goals were most important.

Downtown Master Plan & Redevelopment Stakeholder Input
Stakeholder Input

Additional Information

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