State College Police Department Internship Program

Due to the current pandemic, our internship program has been placed on hold.

The State College Police Department's internship program is a highly rewarding, professional program that offers participants the opportunity to work “hands on” in various areas of the Police Department. The internship program consists of 2 different internship positions; the Patrol and Criminal Investigation internship and the Community Relations Internship. The State College Police Department typically hires one intern per each position. Internships are paid and offered primarily to students enrolled at post-secondary institutions (must be 18 years of age or older). Student interns are typically in their junior or senior year of study and receive credit for successful completion of the internship program from their institution of higher learning.

Internships are offered for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

All State College Police Department interns are always expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner during their internship.

  1. Patrol and Criminal Investigations Internship
  2. Community Relations Internship

Interns will have the opportunity to ride along with patrol officers as they patrol the State College Borough, College Township, and Harris Township. Interns will be able to directly observe how the police handle various types of incidents they encounter on our streets. Some of these incidents include traffic stops, health and safety responses, assisting other first responder agencies, and observing arrests.

In addition, interns will be challenged to assist with criminal investigations including, but not limited to, interviews, written statement analysis, and crime scene and evidence processing. Interns may be asked to watch and analyze video surveillance and work in cell-phone forensics and actively assist with open cases.

Interns may be assigned to attend law enforcement related training programs or observe while officers participate in active training programs such as Tactical Response Team Readiness (TRT) training and Firearms training.

  1. Application Process
  2. Minimum Requirements
  3. Timeline

1. Submit a cover letter stating at a minimum, your reasons for applying for an internship with the State College Police Department, along with your relevant qualifications and expectations of the internship program;

2. Submit a resume that includes at least three professional/personal references with contact information; 

3. Submit the completed written application;

4. Submit two letters of recommendation from previous employers or professional contacts; and

5. Mail all of the above to:

State College Police Department  243 South Allen Street State College, PA 16801

Candidates from Nontraditional Schools

Students attending schools with nontraditional academic semesters may also be considered for an internship and should still apply as listed above. These applicants need to be sure to indicate in their application and cover letter the specific dates they are requesting for the internship.

Candidates Applying for College Credit

Students applying for college credit must speak with their advisor and/or internship coordinator at their college to discuss any additional assignments or information regarding credit. In addition, students need to indicate in their application and cover letter the specific dates (typically the first and last days of classes) they are requesting for the internship.

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