Stakeholder Participation in the Plan

Throughout the Downtown Master Plan Process, many groups, individuals and other stakeholders have met with and provided input for the consulting team. This page provides a summary of the community stakeholders that have helped formulate the plan to date.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was appointed by Borough Council and represents a broad cross section of downtown stakeholders' and users' interests.  One of the primary roles of the members of the Committee is to communicate the needs of their constituents to the consulting team.  The Steering Committee has also reviewed drafts submissions from the consulting team, participated in visioning sessions and presentations, and will ultimately endorse a successful final plan to the project partners.

 State College Borough Council   Penn State University, Office of Physical Plant
 Borough Planning Commission
 Downtown State College, Inc
 Design Review Board
 Downtown Business and Property Owners
 Redevelopment Authority
 Centre Region Planning Agency
 Historic Resources Commission
 Centre Area Transportation Authority
 Transportation Commission
 Centre County Convention and Visitors' Bureau
 Tree Commission
 Chamber of Business and Industry Centre County
 State College Coalition of Neighborhoods
 Downtown & Near-Downtown Neighborhood Residents

Current Steering Committee Actions

The Steering Committee met on Monday, May 13 to review the drafted Implementation Strategy Board that has been prepared by the consulting team, discuss priority items and organizations that can help champion the plan's recommendations.  They will meet soon to review a near-final draft of the plan.

Public Meetings & Focus Groups

Throughout the course of the project, the consulting team and the project's Executive Committee have hosted public meetings, special focus group sessions, and other presentations with many community stakeholders.  Below are some of the events that have taken place as part of this project.

 Inventory & Analysis Phase
 Phase I Development & Revisions  Phase II Development & Revisions
 Steering Committee Meetings
 Steering Committee Meetings  Steering Committee Meetings
 Public Input Session
 Public Work Sessions & Presentations  Public Open House
 Borough Council Session
 Borough Council & ABC Focus Groups
 Borough Council & ABC Focus Group
 Council President & Mayor Interviews
 Presentations to Borough ABC's
 Executive Committee Work Sessions
 Downtown State College, Inc. Board
 DSC Board, Retail Advisory Committee
 Downtown Business Focus Group
 Downtown Business Presentations  
 Downtown Zip Code Survey
 Branding Focus Group Sessions
 Penn State Senior Leadership
 Penn State Leadership Presentations
 Penn State Office of Physical Plant
 Penn State Intermodal Transportation Committee  
 Penn State Facilities & Housing
 COG TLU Committee Presentation
 Public Works, Planning, Parking Staff
 CRPC Presentation  
 Campus & Community Transportation 
 Executive Committee Work Sessions  
 Library, Parks & Rec, Center for Aging
 CATA & Centre Region MPO  
 Property Owner Interviews
 Borough Parking & Planning Staff  
 Real Estate Focus Group
 Young Professionals Focus Group  
 Entrepreneurship Network
 Community Land Trust  
 Arts Focus Group
 Downtown Residents/Neighborhoods

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