Compostable Bags

What is a Compostable Bag?
Compostable products are items made from renewable resources such as corn, sugar cane, grasses, palm leaves, and even wood instead of petroleum-derived plastic. Here’s what you need to know before you buy compostable products, and especially before you dispose of them. Buy only products that display the following: BPI Logo
  • The “compostable” BPI logo (shown here)
  • The phrase “meets ASTM standards for compostability”
  • One or both of the above identifiers on their website, packaging or other materials
These products have been independently tested and are proven to meet the following standards when disposed of in a commercial composting facility:
  • The entire product will completely break down into organic matter that can be digested as food by microorganisms in the composting process.
  • This breakdown happens within 180 days.
  • The microorganisms will consume the material at the same rate as they would natural materials such as food scraps, soiled paper, leaves and other yard debris.
Note: Although the Borough accepts most items labeled "compostable," the Borough does not accept "compostable" or corn plastic utensils/flatware. Due to the thickness of these products, the breakdown does not occur quickly enough in the Borough's composting system. Additionally, please do not place "compostable" or corn plastic utensils/flatware in with recycling. These products are not made of petroleum-based plastic and may contaminate a batch of recyclable plastics.

Local Compostable Bag Retailers
Ace Hardware - Hills Plaza
150 Rolling Ridge Drive
Wegmans - Colonnade
345 Colonnade Boulevard
Target - Colonnade
315 Colonnade Boulevard
Weis - Westerly Parkway Plaza
560 Westerly Parkway
Wal-Mart - North Atherton
(Paper Lawn Bag)
1665 N Atherton St
Weis - Hills Plaza
110 Rolling Ridge Drive
Add your name to the list: If your organization sells or uses compostable bags, please contact the Borough's Communication Coordinator at (814) 278-4723 to be added to our list of local compostable bag retailers.

Don’t Shop at These Stores?
Contact your local grocery stores and request they add your favorite product or one of the products listed below to their store shelves. Or, set up a buying club in your neighborhood to buy in bulk and share your favorite bags with your neighbors.

Compostable Bag Options
The following products are acceptable in the Borough's organics recycling program. Residents participating in the organics recycling program are provided with a small kitchen pail that is compatible with the 2.6 to 3 gallon bags and a cart which is compatible with the larger compostable bag options below.

biobag.png Bio Group - Bio Bag
Sizes: 3, 13, and 33 gallon bags
glad.png Glad Compostable Bags
Sizes: 2.6 or 13 gallon bags
ecosafe.png EcoSafe~6400
Sizes: 2.5, 13 or 30 gallon bags
biosak.png Biosak
Sizes: Kitchen, Rehrig 40 L and 120 L Liner, Cart Liner
biostar.png BioStar
Sizes: 20-30, 33, 40-45 and 60 gallon bags
naturbag.png Natur-bag
Sizes: 3, 13, 33, 39, and 55 gallon bags, shopping bags

bagtonature.png Bag To Nature
Sizes: 3, 13, 33, 36, and 64 gallon bags
Click here for Bag to Nature's website.

Other Options
Through the Borough's pilot food waste program, residents have found some interesting ways to keep any potential pests or odors at bay. Below are some other options to using compostable bags suggested by the Borough's pilot program participants.
  • Place items directly in the cart and clean your cart periodically;
  • Layer yard waste with food waste in the cart. Many residents chose to place leaves or other compostable materials in the bottom of their carts to soak up any liquids from food waste and cover with more yard waste;
  • Wrap items in newspaper;
  • Request paper bags rather than plastic bags when shopping for groceries;
  • Wrap items in newspaper or place in paper bags and freeze items until collection day.

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