Cart Program 101

How Do I Get A Cart?
Demo Day
Refuse Cart Demo Day
  • All can-collected properties were issued a new refuse (trash) cart for landfill-bound materials
  • Organics carts were also delivered unless the resident or property owner opted out.
  • All program carts are the property of State College Borough.
  • Carts have a 10-year warranty and damage due to normal use will be covered. Misuse or abuse that causes damage will be the responsibility of the resident.
  • If you have moved into the area recently, please contact the Public Works Department for more information on how to obtain a cart.

How & When Do I Place My Cart for Collection?
Diagram of what to do with extra material.
  • Carts should be presented for collection where delivered unless you have at-door service, which is available for a fee (unless exemption approved).
  • Carts should be 3’ from any obstruction, including trees, signs and other carts when presented for collection.
  • At-door service requires a 3’ clear path from the cart to the street with no snow, brush, cars or other obstructions to impede the collector.
  • Do not place materials on top of cart for collection.
  • Lids should be closed to keep pests and rainfall out and waste in the cart.
  • Carts should be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.
  • Holidays may delay your collection day. Please see Holiday Schedule for details
  • Refuse, organics and red-bin recycling are all collected on the same day.
  • If you have more material than will fit in your cart, place it at the curb on collection day beside the Borough-issued cart. All material except brush and loose leaves in leaf collection season should be in a container for collection.

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