1. Organics Recycling Video

    Organics Recycling Video

    Find out what it means to go from curb to compost in this C-NET produced video on the Borough's new organics recycling program.

  2. Recycling and Refuse A to Z

    Recycling and Refuse A to Z

    This is an A to Z guide on what items are recyclable and what items are not recyclable in State College Borough. If you really want to recycle everything possible, this is your go to guide.

  3. Organics Recycling Flyer

    Organics Recycling Flyer

    This flyer contains a guide on what is acceptable and not acceptable in the organics recycling program as well as resources on how to determine if something is compostable and how and where to purchase compostable plastic bags.

  4. Trash Can Rain Barrel Brochure

    Trash Can Rain Barrel Brochure

    Instructions on how to create a rain barrel from your old plastic trash can. Funded by the Water Resource Education Network.

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