Report Problem or Violation

What to Report

Residents can help report violations or problems they notice in their local streams on city streets before more damage and pollution occurs. You may be the first to recognize illicit discharges. These typically are any other flows other than rainwater being directed into storm sewers or out of pipes into streams. Dry weather flows defined as flows from stormwater outfall pipes after a 48-hour period without rain, should also be reported to your municipality for further investigation.

Report an illicit discharge

If you observe illicit discharges to the storm sewer system, you can report the activity by:

What is an illicit discharge?

Illicit discharges, also known as illegal discharges, are the introduction of non-stormwater runoff, sewage, or hazardous materials into the public stormwater system.
Illicit discharges are: 
  • Improper disposal of yard waste, such as leaves
  • Vehicle wash wastewater
  • Gasoline and automotive fluid spill
  • Illegal dumping of household hazardous waste, such as paint
  • Laundry wastewaters
  • Improper disposal of auto and household toxins
  • Sanitary wastewater
  • Effluent from septic tanks
  • Sediment and pollutants from construction sites
Illicit discharges are not: 
  • Groundwater
  • Foundation drains
  • Air conditioning condensate
  • Irrigation water from agricultural sources
  • Crawlspace-pump discharge
  • Footing drains
With certain conditions, the following are not illicit discharges: 
  • Water line or hydrant flush water
  • Lawn water
  • Swimming pool discharge
  • Street/sidewalk wash water
  • Dust control water
  • Permitted discharges covered under another permit.

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