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EPA Healthy Waters Blog

The Healthy Waters blog is designed to bring new voices and perspectives to EPA's work in restoring and protecting water resources in EPA’s Mid-Atlantic region. Based on The National Academy of Public Administration’s 2007 Report, Taking Environmental Protection to the Next Level, “Healthy Waters” is one of the Mid-Atlantic Region’s top priorities and your ideas will help support EPA teams working on the next generation of water protection practices.

When it Rains it Drains

Brochure on understanding stormwater and how it can affect your money, safety, health, and the environment

Illicit Discharges Fact Sheet

Fact sheet on stormwater, illegal discharges, and why you should be concerned. This fact sheet is a good reference for local business owners.

Construction Fact Sheet

Don't let stormwater runoff with your time and money! Fact sheet on what the construction industry should know about stormwater in our community.

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