Phase 2: Redevelopment Opportunities

Phase II: Future Development
Phase II of the Downtown Master Plan provides long-term strategies for diversifying housing and business in downtown, encouraging economic development, identifying key sites with redevelopment potential, and fostering positive town-gown relations. This phase addresses the following Master Plan themes:

Theme 4: Living in the District Establishing Downtown as a place for Professionals to live and work View a Sample
Theme 5: Managing the District Fostering a Safe and Appealing Downtown View a Sample

PRELIMINARY DRAFT Narrative for Phase II View this document

For each redevelopment opportunity identified in Phase II, this narrative outlines a potential site program—analyzing a mix of uses that could be successful in a particular area and what is able to be developed under current regulations.

PRELIMINARY DRAFT Key Redevelopment Sites View this document

These exhibits explore the long-term redevelopment potential for key sites in downtown. The consulting team analyzed State College’s community goals, downtown’s market realities and our existing regulations in order to shape these recommendations. Additionally, they worked with property owners to understand the short- and long-term plans for these key sites.

DRAFT Implementation Strategy Board View this document

This Strategy Board is the outline for assigning responsibilities and timelines to the Plan's recommendations. This document may be modified in upcoming work sessions with the project Steering Committee and elected officials. The purpose of this is to determine the appropriate timeline, responsible organization and additional partners that can help implement the goals of this Plan.

April 22, 2013 Public Presentation View this PowerPoint View this video

This presentation provides an overview to the concepts for Phase II. Please note that this document is not intended as a stand-alone document, and concepts in this presentation should be reviewed in conjunction with the other documents available on this page.

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