Phase 1: Physical & Design Improvements

Phase 1 Presentation

Preliminary Design Concepts
These design concepts were produced by Mahan Rykiel & Associates as part of Phase I of the Downtown Master Plan for State College. They illustrate the recommendations that address the following Downtown Master Plan themes:

Theme 1: Marketing the District  Cultivating Downtown's Identity to Residents, Visitors and Investors

Theme 2: Navigating the District  Building a Pedestrian-Friendly, Multi-Modal Downtown

Theme 3: Connecting the District  Creating a Comfortable, Cohesive and Attractive Downtown

Allen Street  Concept Summary  Comment on this Design
Beaver Avenue  Concept Summary  Comment on this Design
Calder Way  Concept Summary  Comment on this Design
College Ave & Allen St  Concept Summary Comment on Design
College Avenue Concept Summary  Comment on this Design
Branding & Marketing  Concept Summary  Comment on Design
Multi-Modal Transportation  Concept Summary

More details and images describing these concept and others can be viewed by watching this recording of the consulting team's presentation from their November workshop, or by scanning the PowerPoint above from the February 14 presentation to Penn State leadership. You can also download the PDFs above to share.

DRAFT Executive Summary & Presentation
This Draft of the Executive Summary was produced by Mahan Rykiel & Associates and delivered to the project Steering Committee in January of 2013. Many of the preliminary concepts have been refined and updated for this draft, and a list of recommendations that will be developed are included in the Appendix.

Executive Summary-- January 24 DRAFT 
Phase I Draft Presentation--February14

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