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Do you want to become more involved in local government? Borough Council receives advice from over 100 community volunteers on various Authorities, Boards and Commissions (ABCs). Whether you care about community planning, local human service programs or equitable adjudication, there may be an opportunity for you to utilize your talents and expertise as a member on one of the Borough's many advisory boards.

ABCs were established to provide recommendations to Council and carry out certain legal obligations. Borough residents are appointed to these volunteer advisory boards in order to expand citizen awareness and involvement in local government, tap into the community's expertise and aid in the formulation of policies. We welcome and encourage all Borough residents to apply. Although there are a limited number of appointments each year, your application will remain on file until a vacancy occurs and Council may appoint new members.

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Current Vacancies
  • Authorities Board
  • Human Relations Commission
  • Regional Tax Appeals Board

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