Duties of the Person in Charge

Who is the Person in Charge?

“The individual present at a food establishment who is responsible for the operation at the time of inspection.” FDA Food Code

Knowing the law is easy…
Ensuring that all employees are practicing it is more difficult.
What kind of PIC are you?

Do you…?

  • Ensure that employees practice frequent, effective hand washing;
  • Practice effective hand washing yourself;
  • Ensure all food is from approved sources and not adulterated;
  • Ensure that all food is received at safe temperatures;
  • Have a good, working, calibrated thermometer (and a means for cleaning it after use);
  • Ensure that all foods are cooked to safe temperatures;
  • Ensure that proper cooling methods are used and foods are cooled quickly;
  • Monitor cold and hot holding temperatures (41°F and 135°F);
  • Prevent cross-contamination;
  • Ensure that proper dishwashing and sanitizing occur (test strips?);
  • Properly train all employees according to their specific duties and legal responsibilities;
  • Supervise, guide and encourage newer employees;
  • Provide refresher training for all employees;
  • Restrict or exclude ill employees;
  • Set an EXCELLENT personal example and ensure that all supervisors do the same;

If so, you excel at your job by helping your employees excel at theirs

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