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The eReporting © module is available to employers who elect to file the Earned Income Tax (EIT) and/or Local Services Tax (LST) via on-line electronic reporting. The eReporting © module requires a one-time account registration and allows users to not only submit the tax returns electronically but to also remit payments electronically, if desired.

Submission Options

Users have two options of submitting the tax returns via eReporting:
  • Direct submission (the detail information is entered directly into the eReporting module)
  • Electronic submission (the detail information is uploaded to the eReporting module).
Users of the eReporting © module are able to maintain the Certificate of Residency forms through the module regardless of whether or not the tax returns are filed through eReporting ©.

Access the eReporting © module.

Reminder: Employers who elect to file combined tax returns to one Tax Collection District must file the returns and remit the tax payments via electronic filing and on a monthly basis.

Electronic Filing
Electronic filing via email or magnetic media is also an acceptable method of submitting the Earned Income Tax. The file can be placed on either a floppy disk or CD-ROM and mailed to the tax office, or the file can be sent via email to It is strongly recommended that the files be password protected.

Electronic Filing Options

Three options are available to employers for electronically filing:
  • Option One is an Excel Spreadsheet, which is a predefined template for use with reporting the required EIT information.
  • Option Two is an electronic file exported from Payroll Software. Option Two allows for a user to chose between pipe delimited records or fixed length records.
  • Option Three allows for a user to file the Earned Income Taxes using the EF-W2 format. The EF-W2 format is also the format used to file the Annual Reconciliation. Please note that in order for the tax office to electronically process a file, it must be in the proper format.
Employers will continue to receive the Employer’s Quarterly Tax Returns (paper form) from the tax office unless the tax office is notified otherwise. Using the paper form is an acceptable method of filing the tax returns provided the employer has not elected to file combined returns.

Obtain the Employer’s Quarterly Earned Income Tax Return.

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