School Resource Officer

The SRO program was established in January of 1999 with one SRO assigned to the State College Area High School. The program expanded to include a full-time SRO at the middle school and another part-time SRO at the district's alternative education program.

The SRO provides a safe and secure environment for students and staff and acts as a liaison between the police department and the school district. The SRO works closely with school administrators, school security officers, juvenile probation, and other agencies such as Children and Youth Services and the Youth Service Bureau.

Besides school security and law enforcement duties, the SRO frequently speaks to classes on such topics as drug and alcohol abuse, date rape, sexual assault, internet safety, driver's safety, and juvenile justice. The SRO also provides presentations to faculty and staff during high school in-service training, and to parents attending back-to-school events. The police department's juvenile detective works very closely with the SRO.

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