Specialized Units

  1. Bike Patrol
  2. Alcohol Source Investigation Project (SIP)
  3. Bomb Squad
  4. Motorcycle Patrol
  5. Neighborhood Enforcement Alcohol Team (NEAT)
  6. School Resource Officer (SRO)
  7. Tactical Response Team
  8. Victim-Centered Intensive Case Management (VCICM)

Bike Patrol

The bicycle patrol originated in 1993. The police department currently has 9 police bikes and 20 bike patrol officers. Officers assigned to bike patrol duties undergo a rigorous 40-hour training course and are IPMBA certified. They attend yearly training that focuses on riding skills and safety.

Officers assigned to bike patrol as weather and staffing permits, are just as approachable as officers on foot patrol; however on bike, officers have the added advantage of being able to quickly respond to calls for service. Members of the community can easily approach bike officers to ask questions, engage in conversations, report crimes, or have their concerns addressed about quality of life issues. In addition, bicycle patrol officers assist in special events such as parades, community festivals, celebrations, and sporting events.

The bicycle patrol enforces bicycle laws downtown, as well as focusing on proactive enforcement of quality of life issues in the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods.

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