Periodically, the Design Review Board (DRB) of State College Borough awards individuals, businesses or organizations that have contributed to the enhancement of the community's ambiance. Currently, the DRB awards two separate honors, the Ingrid P. Holtzman Award at the Borough's annual ABC dinner and the Focus on Appearance Award. For more information on the current winners and previous recipients of these awards, please select the links below.

Focus on Appearance Award

For excellence in design, aesthetics and/or safety enhancements to Borough properties. These projects go above and beyond basic renovations or construction project requirements by enhancing the overall quality of the Borough through various improvements:
  • Historic preservation,
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facility improvements,
  • Advanced design concepts,
  • Excellence in craftsmanship and materials,
  • Creative facades.
Past Recipients
Focus on Appearance Award.png

Ingrid P. Holtzman Award

The Ingrid P. Holtzman Award is given at the annual ABC dinner to an individual or organization that provides a quality design project to the community. The design project should meet a majority of the following guidelines:
  • Incorporates local artwork;
  • Provides a public space for community for events or is a charitable use (i.e. affordable housing);
  • Uses elegant building materials, innovated plantings, and sustainable products;
  • Blends neighborhoods and maintains the historic character of the property/or neighborhood;
  • Provides a nice site and has outstanding design features;
  • Is deemed a benchmark project;

Past Recipients


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