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State College Borough is pursuing Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification. This program is a platform for demonstrating excellence in sustainable community development. The evaluation process has been valuable in helping the Borough identify areas for improvement and is assisting staff in re-evaluating sustainability goals. The Sustainability Committee plans to present a new resolution for Council approval, which will affirm participation in the Sustainable Pennsylvania Community Certification Program and identify future goals and objectives for the Borough's sustainability program.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability has many different definitions. For State College, sustainability means using best practices to create lasting environmental?, economic, community and organizational vitality as part of State College's overall mission to enhance the quality of life by fostering a safe, vibrant, diverse and sustainable community; by providing quality, innovative, cost effective services; and by allocating resources efficiently with professionalism, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Management Support for Sustainability

In April of 2010, State College Manager Thomas J. Fountaine established the Manager's Committee on Sustainability, an action-based employee task force, to increase collaboration between municipal departments on issues regarding the economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and community resilience of State College Borough. The Sustainability Committee seeks to develop initiatives aimed at increasing staff knowledge, developing community partnerships, and fostering sustainable best management practices.

Council Support for Sustainability

State College is serious about sustainability. State College Borough Council committed to sustainability in 2007 when it passed Resolution 944, a Commitment to be a Climate Protection Community, with a set of goals targeting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Mayor Elizabeth Goreham strongly supports initiatives to create a more environmentally-friendly State College. She speaks often about her passion for the environment, leads community bike rides, and more.

Resolution 944 Final Report
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Final Report (final) (2)png_Page1_thumb.png

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