Step 1: Establish a Baseline

Topics for Discussion
The following topics will be discussed by the planning commission over the next three months in order to educate the commission on aspects of green building and identify the most relevant issues in State College:
Date Topic
June 16 Energy Use & Site Design for Energy Reductions
July 21 Water Use, Stormwater Management, Landscaping & Site Disturbance
July 28 Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality
August 11 Materials, Waste & Life Cycle Analysis
August 18 Light Pollution, Subcommittee Recap & Recommendations
*Links will become active as information becomes available

Baseline Resources
What general policies already support or are complementary to green building?
What ordinances and regulations relate to green building?

What programs are provided by utilities or other regional agencies?

Watch Council Member Rosenberger speak about his experience with the NELC in the video below!

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