Green Planning

What is Green Planning?
Green planning means crafting the vision, goals, and strategies in your community's planning documents in order to conserve priority habitats and wildlife alongside developed areas, reduce pollutants harmful to human life and well-being, and preserve resources for future generations.  

What is Happening at the Borough?
The Planning Commission passed a motion on May 19, 2011 to recommend to Council that the Commission along with borough staff research and develop strategies in which the Borough can promote green building and smart growth policies through revision of zoning ordinances and/or the development of assistance programs. This recommendation is in response to Borough Council's adoption of Resolution 944: The Declaration of the Borough of State College as a Climate Protection Community. The information on the following webpages is provided to assist the Planning Commission and interested residents in this process.

Developing a Green Building Program:
The following links will become active as the Borough goes through the process of developing a green building program. Check back often as new information will be added throughout the process.

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