Snow and Ice Removal on Sidewalks

Regulations on Snow & Ice Removal

Sidewalks must be cleared of all snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall has ceased.
Keeping the sidewalks clear is critical for both public safety and accessibility. It is especially important to clear ramps at corners so that full access is maintained. Snow and ice must be removed from the entire surface of the sidewalk over its entire length and width. Use anti-skid materials such as rock salt, calcium chloride, crushed charcoal or kitty litter to create traction as necessary. In extremely cold weather, sidewalks may re-freeze causing a cleared sidewalk to become extremely hazardous.

Failure to clear sidewalks will result in violations and costs to the property owner when the Borough has to contract for the sidewalks to be cleared. (Please remember that residents are required to make arrangements for keeping their sidewalks clear when they are out of town). The full ordinance can be found online by going to the Borough’s Codification of Ordinances and then selecting Chapter XVI, Part G.

Questions may be directed to the State College Division of Health and Neighborhood Services at (814) 234-7191.

Chapter 16-Streets and Sidewalks of Borough Codes

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