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What are the Regulations for Signs in Commercial Districts?

General Restrictions and Prohibitions

The size and number of signs are restricted in commercial districts. Flashing signs and signs with moving parts are prohibited. Signs advertising businesses not located at the premise are also prohibited.

The maximum number of signs that may be displayed is five, unless the premise is located on a corner lot and has public entrances on two or more public ways or where the building has both a front and rear public entrance. In these cases, one additional sign is permitted. Signs are not permitted in the public right-of-way (between the sidewalk and the curb). 

Size and Location Restrictions

Total sign area for any business in commercial districts is based on the ratio of two square feet per lineal front foot of the building or premises. Regardless of the size of the business, no more than 200 square feet of sign area is permitted. Basement businesses are limited to a total sign area of 20 square feet. Ground pole signs are restricted to 25 square feet of area per sign face. In addition, projecting signs may not exceed 15 square feet per sign face. No sign may be erected higher than 25 feet above grade.

Application Requirements

A sign permit is required prior to erecting any advertising sign. Changing a sign face or the information contained on a signboard requires a new permit. Illuminated signs also require an electrical permit.

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Review of Applications

All proposals for signs in the business district must be reviewed by the Design Review Board before a permit can be issued. Application for sign permits, which require the Board’s review must be received by the Zoning Officer no later than the last working day of the month.

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