Carports & Garages

Private garages and carports for 1-family homes may not exceed storage capacity for three vehicles. For 2-family homes or duplexes, these areas may not exceed the storage capacity for four vehicles. Garage and carport openings may not exceed eight feet in height and, when attached to the home, must comply with the same setback requirements applicable for the house.

Detached garages and carports are permitted but may not include any living quarters. In addition, two or more abutting property owners may erect a common detached garage or carport across or abutting a common lot line in side- or rear-yard setback areas provided the owners supply a written Agreement, duly recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds for the erection and use of such structure.

Neither garages nor carports are permitted in front yards. Both a zoning and building permit are required prior to construction.

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