Bike Safety

bike safety

Bicycle safety is more than just wearing a helmet. Riding safely means meeting bicycle equipment requirements, obeying traffic signals and markings, and be aware of road conditions and safe riding practices. 

SHARE THE ROAD! Both drivers and cyclists of all ages should become familiar with the bicycle laws and ordinances that are in place to protect cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. Please visit the Bike Laws and Bike Ordinances tabs for more information.

Biking How To’s: 

How to Fit A Bike Helmet 

How to Choose a Bike

How to Properly Fit a Bike 

Bicycle Hand and Arm Signals

Basic Brake Check

Smart Cycling Education Videos – The League of American Bicyclists

Safety Talk: Introduction to Bike Safety for Kids

Vehicle Operator Tip - The Dutch Reach – SAVE CYCLISTS LIVES! 

Being doored or near “doored” experiences are a common concern for urban cyclists.  The Dutch Reach is a method of opening the driver seat car door using your right hand instead of your left. This pivotal motion allows the person opening the door to face oncoming traffic, thus making them aware of oncoming cyclists and preventing serious injuries (and sometimes death) of a cyclist. The information below was obtained from PennDot.doors


For more on the Dutch Reach please visit

Bike Safety Resources:

Bicycle Safety – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Kids and Bicycle Safety

PennDot - Bike Safety and Pennsylvania Laws

PennDot Bike Safety Quiz

Safe Routes to School – PA

PA Bicycle Driver’s Manual

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